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Please only use Cryptocurrency or Bitcoin if you are very familiar with it:

Please only use Cryptocurrency or Bitcoin if you are very familiar with it:

Payment will be to Ontic Cafe and Bruce Long. /BN 80 202 133 718 

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You can pay to have content that you like in Ontic Cafe, that advertises for you. You make a payment via the Paypal links (or otherwise bitcoin) below, and then send a message with your content request and payment confirmation via email or the contact page (both methods are reliable).

Payment confirmation is either Paypal transaction number and your name, or your Bitcoin/Litecoin/Dogecoin transfer/transaction number and amount.

There are several commissioning options to buy. All options include advertising links to websites, blogs, personal profiles, and Youtube accounts of your choice, with your branding or logo inserted wherever you like:

  1. Five meme set of popular adapted cryptic memes: AUD $22.00
  2. Five meme set of custom (new) cryptic memes: AUD $33.00
  3. Five item list with five of any kind of meme: AUD $44.00
  4. ​Full 4500 word popular semi-academic researched article on topic in metaphysics, scientific metaphysics, the philosophy of physics, the philosophy of biology, analytic philosophy, the philosophy of mind, the philosophy of information: AUD $55.00
  5. Elect 5 philosophers to the spotlight (requires their informed consent): $33.00
  6. Miniscule Metaphysics Video (2-3 minutes long): AUD $144
  7. Docu-tutorial Video with narrator and graphics (30 minutes): AUD $265